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As it stands, the sentence is wrong. The inclusion of "that" is the most glaring error, but the reporting of a question is not a question and should be ordered differently. As @deadrat says in comments, English interrogative clauses have a different word order from English declarative clauses, and indirect speech counts as the latter. The principal ...


"I had my computer fixed" means that your computer went from the state of being broken, to being fixed, and that someone else carried out the fix on your instruction. Without any other information, there is a strong implication that your computer is currently working. But it is possible that your computer was broken, got fixed, but has since broken again.


"I had my computer fixed" does imply that: your computer has been fixed and now works


The construction HAVE + nominal + VERBen (that is, the past participle of VERB) has three distinct meanings, which can only be distinguished by the context. In all three nominal is an object of VERB, which must be transitive, and nominal must be in Object case if it has a distinct Object form. Cause nominal to be VERBen I had my car repaired = "I ...

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