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It's not good to use this construction. When two actions happened in the past, the first one should be mentioned using had.


Yes, tense is the correct form of this adjective (state of being) OED 2.2 fig. In a state of nervous or mental strain or tension; strained; highly strung; ‘on the stretch’; excited, or excitable; keenly sensitive.


Tense is also an adjective. See the definition in Merriam-Webster and the ODO. Hence, Are you tense? is correct.


In informal speech and writing, we usually substitute "passed out" for "lost consciousness" when it has occurred as a result of drinking. As for the use of "had" (past perfect tense), it depends whether the rest of the story is being told in the past tense. With only the one sentence you gave, and based on your use of "last night", it seems you are telling ...


Not quite. A better phrasing is "She lost consciousness last night at the pub after having several cocktails." Consciousness is a state of being, 'losing consciousness' is a compound verb and shouldn't be split, in general. I would also recommend cleaning up the end of the sentence a little bit, switching "having" to "drinking". Not a usage issue, but ...

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