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The manufacturer is required by the the carrier to install the software code on the iPhone


Correctness is one things; appropriateness another. It is certainly possible to use the construction: SINGULAR SUBJECT has been PAST PARTICIPLE. However, this works best when the actual agent is named, because otherwise it is an unidentifiable anonymous agent that can sound like pretentious bureaucratese. Compare: It has been decided that a reply ...


You also need a 'to' in there somewhere, which is an obligatory preposition with some verbs of which 'respond' is one. But 'has been responded to', when used in the passive, with no object following, can sound awkward. I think I would say A response has been given to the query as requested.


It’s simply a standard indirect object. If someone gives us time, then time is what’s been given us. The use of indirect objects in English is not archaic. It is normal. He gave me lots of “special” presents. Oh really? Just what sort of presents did he give you? You would not normally use a to in front of those indirect objects; it wouldn’t ...

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