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Let the school be gone to by you or you can say let the school be gone by you but the first one the most correctly


1 (subject) plays bingo in Britain. 2 (subject) destroyed loads of houses. 3 (subject / Nigerians ) speak French. 4 (subject) hurt the bus driver.


I think, here instead of about we can use for, like - Lisa is upset for not being invited to the party.


Nordquist has a balanced article on jussives that examines different approaches. I'd say that calling 'Let us pray' an imperative usage is stretching the term somewhat. It is far less hortative than '[Get] on your knees!' In the linked article is: '[John] Lyons [Semantics, 1977: 747] argues that the imperative can only be, strictly, second person, ...


Imperatives can be changed to passive by using "let" "Eat the cake" - "Let the cake be eaten" However, in "Leave at once", the main issue is not with the phrase being an imperative but with the verb "to leave" being, in this case, intransitive (i.e. has having no direct object). "John left", similarly cannot be turned into passive voice, however, "John ...


'Leave at once' is in the imperative mood. I don't think there is a way of putting it in the passive, at least I can't think of one. However even if it was written indicatively, 'He left at once', it is difficult to see how a passive could be formed, because there isn't even an implied direct object. But if 'leave', were used transitively, in the ...

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