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It is a beautiful example of distancing: used to make a sentence seem to be of high status and to remove any possibility of blame. What the writer is trying to avoid saying is The environmental paper is being lodged. (passive) or even The lodgement of the environmental paper is being prepared. (passive) One step more: The preparation for ...


I haven't found any good references, but "been being" is definitely grammatical. It's just enormously awkward; and has been being so for decades. Grammar is not my strong suit, so perhaps I'm wrong in seeing this as a "word-based" problem rather than a "sentence-based" problem. Looking at the phrase "Letters HAVE BEEN BEING SENT." I observe that send is ...


The adjective is necessary which in the context you provided could fit as when deemed necessary. So, needed is the past participle of the verb need forming a passive clause which in its expanded version should be "when they are needed", "they" referring to "mothers-in-law" which occurs in the main clause, i.e. "mothers-in-law...in any family".


At Google Books: "defined before being used" About 694 results "defined before are used" 8 results The first seems to me more general: as it only uses non-finite verbal forms, it can adapt to any time, from past to present and to future. The 2nd follows the idea of flattening everything to a narrative present tense. The first is clearly more liked ...

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