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I only wish to chime in here to point out that the phrasing is often not even considered "crude". Particularly when women say it in conversation with each other; it can have a kind of harmless and endearing ring to it.


"Fucking someone's brain out" does not, in any remote sense, come even close to meaning "stealing someone's heart". While I don't speak Persian, based on what you've provided here, I would say that "stealing someone's heart" would be the closest English idiom. For example, it might be used in a conversation between two (female) friends: Friend 1: ...


misaq, if you're talking about 'dating' then the word 'fuck' is not likely to be at all appropriate. Despite the wideness and proliferation of its use in many sections of society, the word fuck remains (and has been for centuries) one of the most taboo words in English. Until relatively recently it rarely appeared in print; even today, there are a number ...

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