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"Code" as usually used in the field of IT refers to source code of computer programs. My own intuition is that this is clearly uncountable, so you can speak of "some code" but not "a code". You can also speak of "the source code of a program", which means "the [representation of the program] as source code". However, "code" alone remains uncountable. You ...


I'm standing 100 feet high or I'm standing at a height of 100 feet.


In this part of Canada (southern Ontario), pass me the flipper will get you a turner, pass me the spatula will get you a turner or a scraper, and pass the scraper will get you a rubber spatula. No consensus. Spatula seems to mean anything you want but in my kitchen a turner is called a flipper and a scraper is called a spatula. Don't know why - ask my ...


Ontography as a 'working method' is beautifully explained in Graham Harman's book 'Weird Realism: Lovecraft and Philosophy. The context is Lovecraft's writing, but the principles can be applied elsewhere.

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