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When adapting a name for a limited space such as a Book Plate, or a Plaque, or a Title Page, two criteria come first. Choose the name which identifies the subject to the audience. Choose the shortest name that everyone important will recognise so that the plaque has the largest appropriate lettering with the most space around it. In English studies ...


Gloves with one section for four fingers are called Mittens.


They are called mittens Interestingly, there are actually three differing types of mittens and I didn't know there were separate names for them. - Wikipedia.


I would say it is mainly the Latin suffix -ia for names of countries as in Italia, Hispania (Spain), Graecia (Greece), Germania. -(i)a is the femine ending for adjectives. The full name of countries was "terra Italia", word for word "earth/country Italian". As terra is a feminine noun the adjectives also have the feminine ending. -ia may have a connection ...


If you absolutely cannot reword the sentence to put the name somewhere else, then, yes, you need to capitalize de Soya. Sentences always need capital first letters. However, an extremely special case is a sentence beginning with a word such as iTunes. The lowercase i is allowed because the very next letter is capitalized. This creates a slight gray area in ...


In this post, the OP recommend the first option. The Karamis

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