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On this link What English sounds like to people who don't speak it there is a comprehensive list of people speaking fake English on video. The Swedish clip (the second video) imitates the deep southern drawl of Mississippi or Georgia. I'm guessing it's one of the two, perhaps someone who is American can confirm. Although the entire sketch is lightly ...


I can think of several words that are thingy-type words, like gizmo, widget, gubbins, thingumajig, wotsit, but I don't know of a word for those words. Nonce word is the closest, but to qualify as one of those a word has to be a one-occasion word, invented spontaneously to fill gap that no existing word can fill. The words I listed, as well as thingy itself, ...


"Eager readers" is simply the object of the prepositional phrase "to the author's eager readers." I would say that both that phrase, and the adverb "immediately" are adjuncts. Neither is necessary for the sentence to be grammatically complete.

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