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You can easily use this list on It requires attribution according to these terms.


If you haven't found yet, that site has very much useful information and it is certainly uncensored. Be aware though that the explanations with the highest ranks are not necessarily the most "correct" ones, people tend to vote for funny/smart definitions.


I just googled What is wtf in Internet slang and found, which has an answer as to wtf (What the fuck...?).


Heh, here's a side-attack on the problem. How about looking for the word list used by the screensaver? I found a thread that says you can find it at: /System/Library/Graphics/Quartz\ Composer\ Plug-Ins/WOTD.plugin/Contents/Resources/NOAD_wotd_list.txt The full thread: It's a technical approach, but I bet ...


IMO, I'd say you are a native English speaker, as its your native form of communication, both written and verbally. (Additionally, I would also say, if the 'voice in your head', ie, you to yourself, speaks English then, its even more evidence of native speaker of English.)


What about this? From Wikipedia, In linguistics, relexification is the mechanism of language change by which one language replaces much or all of its lexicon, including basic vocabulary, with that of another language, without drastic change to its grammar. It is principally used to describe pidgins, creoles, and mixed languages. Relexification seems ...


Could the word have been code-mixing or code-switching? Wiki defines insertional code-switching as involving "the insertion of elements from one language into the morphosyntactic frame of the other" (quoting Donald Winford). But this is unlikely to have been a word of the day.

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