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Defective performance of the stated obligations arising from any party subject to these contract terms shall result in... (Black's Law Dictionary and an excellent 2nd grade teacher)


FRIVOLOUS ACTION -- the term that describes a law suit that is not legally tenable and as such is worthless. [Black's Law Dictionary]


We have also assigned you, and every two or more of you¹ (of whom any one of you², the aforesaid A. B., C. D., &c., we WILL shall be one), our justices, to inquire the truth more fully... It seems to me they may be shifting between different referents of you. You¹ being those assigned justices, and you² being the aforesaid A. B., C. D., &c. ...


In the original (which is actually Volume 5, despite what Google Books says it is), line 2 is in parentheses and will is not capitalised: I have also assigned you, and every two or more of you (of whom any one of you[,] the aforesaid A, B, C, D &c. we will shall be one), our justices [...]. The basic structure is obviously this: I ...


If any is being used as an ellipsis of If there are any. It's saying the Registrar must make variations if there are any variations, but it's entirely possible that there are not any variations to make.

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