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I feel as if I can say "against one's favour", but the symmetry isn't there (in vs. out, for vs. against). Perhaps because we have an idiomatic phrase to start, the opposite must itself be idiomatic.


The judge may rule against you (or your motion): to give a judgment against someone or something [The Free Dictionary]


prospective offer is very positive phrase. Yo can use it when you are advertising something. contingent offer is used when you want to set limitations on an offer you make. tentative offer can be used when you are going to suggest something but you are not certain about that.


The term "a measuring cast" goes far back in English usage and evidently originated in connection with the game of bowls. Robert Nares, A Glossary or Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions to Customs, Proverbs, &c. (1825) has this entry for the term: A MEASURING CAST, met. from the game at bowles. A cast of one bowl so like to that of ...


Short Answer Looking at the surrounding text in Hale’s original (from your source link), the term measuring cast appears to equate rather literally to the more contemporary expression sighting shot. It is an act whose purpose is at least partly to test the environment for future acts. Here, ‘measuring’ means ‘experimental’, ‘testing’ or ‘probing’. ‘A ...

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