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Simplify the sentence: We can terminate this Agreement upon 90 days notice "Upon" in this sentence is used to say that something has arrived. So, when 90 days notice has been given, the agreement can be terminated. You are correct in your understanding that the termination will happen 90 days after you give notice.


The Internal Revenue Service (US) calls this a "controlled group."


The word 'chief' derives from Old French chief "leader, ruler, head", as you know. This word in Old French evolved into the Modern French word 'chef' (as you probably also know). Now, in French, the phrase 'en [something]' very roughly translates to 'in [something]". In reality the preposition 'en' is a really slippery thing to translate, and can mean ...


There is no single word that fits your purpose; redaction (n.) is close, but it does not refer specifically to black marks. In general, as in law, it can mean the activity of redacting, or it can mean the resulting visible black mark, white space, cutout, or any kind of visual evidence on the page showing that text was redacted. Where it is necessary to be ...


The word is redacted. Generally speaking, when gov't documents are released to the public, they are heavily redacted. re·dact riˈdakt (verb) 1. edit (text) for publication. 2. censor or obscure (part of a text) for legal or security purposes. Via


I have heard the objects themselves called censor bars, or censor boxes, but I can't find anything more official than Wikipedia or TV Tropes to corroborate that.


Try redact. Also Sanitization. It also contains the word redaction. Both can be used in proper context.


An 1844 translation of Wilhelm Meinhold, Mary Schweidler, The Amber Witch (1838) describes the conclusion of a trial for witchcraft that supposedly occurred in 1630 (the book was a piece of fiction but was presented as an old document discovered by the author, in the manner of James Macpherson's discoveries of the works of Ossian). First the judge pronounces ...

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