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You can change "was emerging" to "is emerging" to make Narayanasamy's observation sound more immediate, but the effect will be incomplete unless you change a few other elements in the original wording—namely, "Narayanasamy said" (either to "Narayanasamy says" or to something like "According to Narananasamy"), "would be convinced" (to "will be convinced"), ...


He told them to hush because the Headmaster was coming. By the way, here in the UK children (and most adults) don't use the word "hush" in conversation any more. "Shut up" is much more colloquial. "Hush" may still be current in other parts of the world.


He exclaimed with command to silence that the headmaster was coming. It is technically correct, if not idiomatic. For a guideline, see this page or this one.

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