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Picking up Jimmy's reference to Googly as Australian slang, there are a couple of possibilities. Firstly to establish the early Australian usage: 1904 P.F.Warner How We recovered Ashes 106 Bosanquet.. can bowl as badly as anyone in the world,but, when gets a length, those slow 'googlies', as the Australian papers call them, are apt to paralyse the greatest ...


I am from India as well and we simply follow standard UK English. There is no known local phrase like "lost out of... ". The author of the article most probably had no ulterior meaning hidden behind the words and did simply meant that the jet disappeared; got lost out of the sky.


Also, I believe, I surmise, I suppose, it seems. However, if part of a long piece with many opinions, it's generally good writing policy to give a single indication or disclaimer somewhere early on, rather than continuously bombarding your readers with these phrases.

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