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If you call customer care in India, you would definitely hear them using their "fine and ok" interchangeably. So I have heard the InE speakers say, (a heavily accented): Will that be fine/ok for you? Is that ok for you? That's ok with me. and the prepositional usage varies too ... It's ok with me but ok for you .


The primary meaning of to haul is to pull something heavy with continuous steady movement (Longman DCE). When I see the verb to haul I think of seamen who haul up the ancor or haul in a heavy net full of fish. To haul has developed some other meanings.


From the sliver of a quotation that you provide, it is impossible to tell whether the narrator is using "haul up" literally (as in turning a crank on a manual winch to raise workers up out of a mine) or figuratively in some way (as in "hauling" [that is, escorting] someone up to the booking sergeant's desk in a police station for examination, temporary ...

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