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If someone answered my question with irrelevant comments, I'd probably call it evasion or evading the question.


To sidetrack e.g. "He sidetracked my questions about the project with small talk about the weather " which the Free Dictionary defines as v.tr. -- 1. To divert from a main issue or course: which derives from its literal meaning: To switch from a main railroad track to a siding.


Fix used in the sense you are referring to dates back to the 18th century: Sense of "tamper with" (a fight, a jury, etc.) is from 1790. probably from the earlier meaning : "settle, assign" evolved into "adjust, arrange" (1660s), then "repair". (Etymonline) Ad a set phrase the earliest usage I could find is from the '40s, but ...


Fortune in misfortune is an expression you can hear or read to refer to such events. From Modernisation and Tradition by Kerstin Sundberg In that the fire ravaged them at the beginning of summer, they had had fortune in misfortune. Their animals were out to pasture and the warm season eased the reconstruction efforts. The results, that the ...


I agree with OP that whatever tickles your fancy is getting a bit "dated". The new kid on the block (AmE and BrE) is... []1 whatever floats your boat - see whatever turns you on


If there is, say, a piece of sheet metal somewhere, it might have a sharp edge. Were one to accidentally rub their arm against this edge they might get a nasty cut. So, "Don't cut yourself on that edge" simply means that one should beware of the sharp edge being pointed out to you. However, let's say you're in a bar with a buddy and you see and are ...

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