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It depends what multi-bank (or multibank) is. If you're referring to a "thing" that applies to lots of different banks, then you would say "multi-bank", using the standard "multi-" prefix. There's a caveat to this: if multi- prefix words get used widely enough, for long enough, then the hyphen tends to disappear ...


Searching multibankmulti bankandmulti-bank` everyone use multibank and multi-bank. So, Spell Checker says that multibank is wrong, while multi-bank and multi bank aren't. If you use multi bank, You can be sure It's right.


A Google Ngram shows that there is no incidence of either "micro-endoscope" or "micro endoscope," but "microendoscope" is used with prevalence. Therefore, it would appear that "microendoscope" is the proper way to write it. The appearance of the other two spellings in the paper to which you refer appear to be typos or errors in editing. Incidentally, ...


There are plenty of posts on this site related to acronyms/initialisms, but I couldn't see one that directly addressed your question. However, a bit of sleuthing came up with the following. First, note that OSDC and ODC are initialisms, as the capitals are not pronounced as a single word but instead are pronounced individually - see here. Regarding ...


The rule in English is that if a compound is used as an attributive adjective it needs a hyphen. Thus, "All-India Medical Institute" is correct.


It seems to me that there is a very slight difference between the original version ("on-line operation") and the modern use ("to go online"). In 1950, being "on-line" meant that a device was working over a line of communication ("on the line" as someone else pointed out). Now "being online" describes a full user experience, and not just the method by which ...

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