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Homophones are words which are pronounced in same way but may be spelt in different ways. For example: cite, site, and sight Homonyms are words which are spelt in the same way but pronounced and meant in different ways. For example, minute [noun] and minute [adjective] These words are pronounced in different ways when used to mean 'a unit of ...


This wikipedia entry has a table like yours::


Ball as in 'sphere' comes from Norse 'bǫllr' /bɔlːr/, while ball as in 'dance party' comes from Latin 'ballare', which in turn became 'bal' (French for 'a dance'). Totally different roots, it's just one of those quirks of English having absorbed bits of so many different languages. Edit as requested to provide a bit more detail: 'Ball' meaning 'sphere' ...

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