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He spent $300 talking to a counsellor. Apart from "counsellor", it sounds like idiomatic American English to me. He spent $500 talking to a lawyer.


Both formulations can be used. Tell me what your opinion on this matter is is a straightforward prompt which invites the other person to say what they think. In its written form, the variant wording requires some additional punctuation to clarify the fact that it is actually a question: Tell me: what is your opinion on this matter?


"* cannot be pasted to the cells that are editable" or "* cannot be pasted to cells that are editable". The second choice is acceptable. Also, "* cannot be pasted to editable cells" is more natural. On the subject of article usage: Intuitively, I am inclined to think that the second sentence is correct. The rule is generically applicable to all ...


be it...or... is a common (albeit formal) construction in English that basically means the same thing as whether it is...or.... In your case, the sentence is saying "People will always find something they don't like about foreign cultures, whether it is their practices, how they treat friend/relatives, or bad food."

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