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I would instead prefer 'one more day without proper sleep' If we still had to choose between the two phrases mentioned in the question, I'd select the second one, i.e. 'One more day without sleeping properly'. This is because here you confirm a process in action not properly done. The first one, i.e. 'One more day without sleep properly' is grammatically ...


This is a recognized world-wide English usage of the verb hurt: verb (past and past participle hurt) 1.3 [NO OBJECT] (Of a person) feel distress: he was hurting badly, but he smiled through his tears ODO


To take the last question first: no, the forms in the examples in the question here are not gerunds. They are verbal nouns. Morphologically speaking, gerunds and verbal nouns are indistinguishable in English: they both end in -ing and are identical both to each other and to the present participle (which is a different kettle of fish that I’ll leave out of ...


I think it depends on wether the gerund is in subject position or object position. 1 His constant meddling was annoying. 2 I hate his meddling in my affairs. 3 I hate him meddling in my affairs. In 1 I would prefer "his" and I would consider "him" incorrect. In 2 "his" is normal, in 3 "him" is style of spoken language.

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