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Raubritter seems to be the name of the person who developed the kind of roses called Raubritter: http://www.classicroses.co.uk/products/gardenplants/macrantha-raubritter/


Latin incæptum German Berechnung English Computiation Latin mensurae rationem German Messung English Measurement Latin calendar German Kalender English Calendar Latin commentarius German Tagebuch English Diary Latin invitis German zählen English counting Latin dico German sagen English saying Latin enumerare German aufzählen English ...


German die Nummer oder die Zahl Latin Numerus English number German Nummer eins Latin Numerus unus English number one German In jeder Anzahl Latin Nullam sub hoc numero English in each number German ohne Zahl Latin sine numero English without number German die Anzahl der blockierten Latin numerus clausus English the number of blocked ...

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