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Here is the discussion of island and isle in John Ayto, Arcade Dictionary of Word Origins (1990): island [OE] Despite their similarity, island has no etymological connection with isle (their resemblance is due to a 16th-century change in the spelling of island under the influence of its semantic neighbour isle). Island comes ultimately from a prehistoric ...


The expression It is no good/use crying over spilt milk may fit in the context, also There's no point crying over spilt milk: something that you say which means you should not get upset about something bad that has happened that you cannot change Sometimes I regret not taking that job in London. Oh well, there's no point crying over spilt milk.


To say the die is cast means that the situation is past the point of return. (Some call it the point of no return). It neither comments on the outcome of the die being cast nor whether any particular possibility is good/bad, favorable/unfavorable, or preferred/unwanted. Thus when someone warns of the possibilities, this neutral reply only says the decision ...


(Thanks for your concern, but...) ---I can handle it. ---I've got it under control.


I suggest something along these lines: "I know what I'm getting (myself) into", "I'm ready to face the consequences" or "I know what I'm letting myself in for". Uttered on its own, I think most people would interpret "Bring it on!" as implying a direct personal challenge to them, not merely as a statement of the speaker's own readiness to ...


I'm not really sure I understand your question, and I'm not fluent in French, but when I apply for a job I try to highlight my skills. highlight - "to make or try to make people notice or be aware of (someone or something) : to direct attention to (someone or something)" Merriam-Webster "Unfortunately, the media insisted upon highlighting his ...


Hmm... "display" or "exhibit" ("my XX ability/skills") might be the best equivalent one-word verbs that don't have too much self-aggrandizement attached to them. "Flaunt" is accurate, I think, but negatively viewed.

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