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The following interesting extract from the New York Times suggests that the local accent at times prevails on the original pronunciations: New Orleans, like many other cities, has its own peculiarities in terms of speech . Because it was founded by the French, the city has many street names that a visitor might be inclined to pronounce true to the ...


Living as I do on the border with Quebec, and working daily within it's lovely confines... I'd get a can 'o whoopass handed to me if I were to butcher their language with "Bon chance" ! lol. If you borrow a foreign phrase - much as if you borrow my lawnmower - you should return it undamaged!


Bonne chance. I agree with Peter Shor: if we want to use someone else's language, I think we should do it the proper way, which means their way. I love both English and French and - whatever any book says - I think we should never use a masculine adjective with a feminine noun.

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