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I would suggest the adjective promiscuous, as OALD explains: having many sexual partners promiscuous behaviour a promiscuous lifestyle to be sexually promiscuous While the dictionary says the term is "disapproving," I believe it is the most neutral term you will find. It describes the behavior without explicitly approving ...


It's a good question, because the answer is sometimes surprising to speakers of other languages. The answer is no. There is no English Academy, as there is l'Académie Francaise. English language references typically describe usage, that is, what English speakers and writer actually use or used at one time. There are of course references that are more or ...


You could go for inebriates as well. From thefreedictionary.com in·e·bri·ate (n-br-t) tr.v. in·e·bri·at·ed, in·e·bri·at·ing, in·e·bri·ates To make drunk; intoxicate. To exhilarate or stupefy as if with alcohol.


If you're proud of your accomplishment, you can be open about it and invite the professor to share in your joy: I am proud to report that my code runs much faster than the current version. Would you like to take a look? Whether this is appropriate depends on the circumstances, of course. If the professor is teaching you how to write faster code, then ...


A simple way of distinguishing and using these words accurately: ‘Thus’ means ‘in this/that way’ - it relates to ‘HOW’ - the manner in which - this or that happens or comes about. It has a practical flavour. eg.Traditionally, you arrange things thus = Traditionally, this is how you arrange things 2 .’Therefore’ means ‘for this reason’, or ‘because of ...


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All right. Turns out, it is a greeting, after all! Perhaps quintessential AusE (Australia & New Zealand). Jim Nicolson, Long Creek, 2010, p.145 (GoogleBooks) (emphasis added) (From the Preface): The principal settings are two cattle runs (ranches) in Australia's Northern Territory … In 1947, Darwin's population was 2,538 …… ...

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