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Are women allowed to "take a leak" ? take a leak tv: to urinate. (Crude. Often objectionable. Usually in reference to a male. Leak is the mildest and piss is the strongest.) "I gotta go take a leak. Back in a minute."; "We stopped at a rest area so old Harry could take a piss." See, the Free Dictionary, Idioms and Phrases “take a leak” definition from, ...


My personal opinion is it's high time we stopped differentiating between male and female behaviour, and most certainly should drop the term 'ladylike'. Men are men and women are women, and I feel 100% free, as a woman, to use any expression I care to when needing to empty my bladder - the only constraint is whether I'm likely to offend the people around me ...


Using the phrase is unladylike. Semantically, it means the same thing (regardless of gender); but historically is only used by males due to its vulgar undertones. Therefore, excluding the affiliated taboo, there's nothing wrong with a woman using the phrase.

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