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Yes, it's common and generally accepted to use Was it a girl? in this situation, at least in "US English". It could also be Was it a girl (you saw)? The I have the feeling, but don't know for sure, is that or was that would be used in "British English", instead or alternatively.


It is not an English Usage Expert that determines the answer to this question. The sentence "Was it a girl?" is fully formed as a sentence and grammatically correct. It is not outside the realm of understanding as stated, and would not be found unheard in many a jurisdiction, even if one's opinion about the sentence's context might deem it insensitive. As ...


The proper use would be "Is that a girl?" Using "Was it a girl?" makes a girl seem like an object. Using "that" makes it sound like you're actually talking about a person. If you are unsure of the gender, you should still use "Was that a girl?" because you are not referring to an object, but to a person.

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