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Regardless, I agree with AM Hemi - the vernacular these days seems to be to drop the 'away' from the phrase and I can't seem to figure out how this trend came about. According to some quick research, forum answers as late as 2012 say that "passed" may be regional to the American South and "passed away" is still the most common American usage, so it must have ...


Depending on context either seems acceptable to me. Clearly one shouldn't use passed where there could be ambiguity between death, and saying that someone simply passed by. And indeed when notifying someone of a death for the first time, passed, as in Fred passed on Thursday, does seem to carry ambiguity even though the listener may have been well aware of ...


Two siblings less than a year apart in age are called "Irish twins," so, possibly: "That woman has 'Irish quintuplets'"? (US)

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