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They are synonyms; however, meantime without in the is considered informal. For more explanation and example sentences see for example and


"bodys" just seems wrong, regardless of context. I would say that if you are talking about the body of the email, generally, then say "email bodies" for example, as the plural. If you're talking about the body tag, which is a component of the html version of the email, then say body tags as the plural. This page refers to "headers and bodies" when ...


Tom Smith, Junior, University of X will be understood by anyone worth your attention to mean that you are in your junior year at the University of X. If there is anything ambiguous about the name of your school, so that the reader will not instantly recognize it as a school, then Tom Smith, Junior-year student, XYZ would be better. You may be reluctant ...


Instead of acknowledging their genders, you could say "Dear Colleagues" or simply "Greetings". Names work too, for small groups. For example, "Dear Devin, Bill, John, and Amanda". Using the "dear" title is the preferred salutation in email communication.

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