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Well, the requested information sounds stilted to me (British English native speaker). I suggest: Open the email with a bit more than 'Hi'. E.g.: Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Rather than 'the requested information', use 'my phone number': My phone numbers are 0000000 (primary) and 0000000 (secondary). Conclude the email with a ...


As you say, the context alone is what enables you to understand exactly what the sentence means. When I read the title of the question (before reading the context), I naturally read the sentence with the most immediate meaning, which can be paraphrased as: “I need to launch my audit application” or “My audit application must be launched”. This reading has ...


It does make sense - although I suppose it could be misunderstood. For absolute clarity: "MS-Access is needed to launch the application for claim audits."


A few factors that I could consider on the type of information/opinion : If the opinion has overtones of order: instruct, inform If the talk was to to clear up, to remove confusion: enlighten, educate If the talk was just to fill them in: apprise, share etc.


Any of these would fit. "I have transmitted your opinion to my students." "Your view on the subject has been transmitted to my students." "I've made your opinion known to my students." If you want to sound more formal, you could add: "I've taken the liberty to transmit ..."


Here in Britain you would write "Dear Professor NN" (with his or her name) at the beginning, and "Yours sincerely" followed by your name at the end. But I would certainly not begin the body of the message with "There seems to be some problem...". Better to start off with "I was reading your excellent book XYZ and noticed..." or something like that.


In your specific case, I would use 'our'. As you stated, it does sound more collegial and inclusive. (And you're copying your teammates on the message.) Our is appropriate for situations when you are communicating with someone else on the same team/in the same organization, when you want to be inclusive, and when you want to exhibit participatory leadership ...

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