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A few people, on a related thread, noted that people from Europe put a hard stop after first name. I am from Europe (Russia) and I do add a period after my name in the signature. In addition to following my culture's business etiquette, I intentionally place it there to portray confidence and strength, and even as a way to end that conversation politely yet ...


Oddly, "Dear So-and-So" is the most formal and appropriate form of address for business letters - either in email or hard copy format. Here the use of the word "dear" is a form of address, not a term of endearment. Just make sure you put the name AFTER the "Dear" and not before! Below is a sample template from: ...


As a polite way to address a person you are writing to it has been in used for centuries and has become sort of a cliché both for formal and informal mails: Dear: As a polite introductory word to letters, it is attested from mid-15c. (Etymonline)

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