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Salutations! or Greetings! I suppose you could also start with It was good to hear from you! or We were very glad to receive your email. or We appreciate your taking the time to write. Note, I am from the U.S. and can't really simulate a British style -- but hopefully these ideas will get you started.


How about a simple Hello? Or if the message is always in reply to some kind of request, you can start with Thank you for your request.. IMHO, you shouldn't waste time trying to make canned emails sound too natural or folksy. Everyone knows these are automated, and it will just seem disingenuous if you try to make it seem like it was written by a real ...


If you are dealing with someone within your own field (or engaged in a common project), you can say Dear Colleague, A person with whom one works in a profession or business Oxford Dictionaries Online While the term often applies to someone employed in the same organization, it is often used for others in your field at different institutions.

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