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Probably repeating answers.... If he has a Ph.D. you address him as "Dr. Smith." If he does not have a Ph.D., you address him as "Mr. Smith." He is not inviting you to be more familiar by writing "dear Emily." You must wait for him to say, "Please, call me John" before you may address him by his first name.


I think it is rather a question about human interaction than about English. Based on your edit, what you are asking is in fact How shall I address a professor who signed his email with "Cheers, John"? This gives you full right to call him "John". The only fact that he addresses you as "Emily" would not be (unfortunately) sufficient, there are still ...


If they are a professor I assume they have a PhD. I often check if that's the case and then begin with Dear. Dr. Whoever.


Avoid using "Noted." As noted in the comments, "noted" should be used only when (a) you are acknowledging that you understand what the speaker said, (b) no immediate action is required from you (although action may be recommended), and (c) you are speaking formally but to someone of equal or lower "rank." Compare with how the word "Roger" is used in the ...


I think we're overthinking this. The proper reply is to just go to the office during the professor's office hours. The only reasons to email are if you can't make it there before the next class or if emailing to schedule an appointment is standard procedure for your department. Saying "Noted, thank you", creates more doubt about you going then if you'd ...


If this is a formal letter or e-mail between you and someone (ex. you and a teacher or an employer), it would definitely be correct to add the title before the name.


It is not. You shouldn't. Don't. It would be silly and impolite. People would throw garbage at you. You could use a trick or two, though. You could insert a nickname between the Christian name and surname. As in: Sincerely Yours, Laballa "Gentlemanly Jack" Barocca, Esq. or Affectionately Yours, Drapezhnik "Bubbly Jill" Femistodinzs

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