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Exal's useful reference to Wikipedia gives us a big clue: [Demonyms are] unofficial terms used to designate the citizens of specific states and the District of Columbia. A demonyn refers to a citizen of the state, which is distinct from the report's origin in Colorado. Although the report might have been produced by one or more Coloradans, the report ...


Objectively, the inconsistency between rendering national proper names as adjectives (British and Canadian) and using a state proper name (Colorado) as is in the same syntactical position is difficult to justify. But in the United States, there is a very strong tendency to reserve use of the adjective form of a state name for situations specifically ivolving ...


According to Marriam-Webster's dictionary, Coloradan and Coloradoan are both real words. Despite this, nouns can still be used as adjectives. So, it would be up to personal preference whether to use the noun or the adjective.

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