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starchild or children of the sun could be for what you are looking for. It is a fact that our sun is a star by its astronomical definition. An alternative could be found in the lore of the SF show Andromeda. As a avatar of the suns, Trance Gemini was a sun-born lightbringer, a immortal humanoid form of a star that co-exist in the common spacetime. So, ...


I disagree with Solarian because the word 'Solar' is already an adjective, so Solarian is a double adjective which sounds silly. Same with Lunarian. Solian would probably be more logical, analogous to the Tholian Web in Star Trek. Similarly, Lunians for moon people. India -> Indians; Chana -> Ghanians; Nigeria -> Nigerians, etc.


I think Solarling or Sunling would be interesting, seeing as we are called "Earthlings". It'd be a nice name for a race a bit on the "cuddly" or more "familiar" side, though, as the name gives the connotation of that- which I doubt is what you are going for.


Next to "Solarian," you might want to consider Helian. HELIAN from Greek helios (Sun) + suffix -ian A learned synonym for the term solarian - it is derived from the higher-status Greek, not from the lower-status Latin. The term is indicative of its user's erudition. Digital Commons @ Butler University heliacal: relating to or near the ...


I would use Solarian which appears to be the latin demonym for denizens of the sun as pointed out in the comments. Wiki It also follows nicely in the footsteps of Martian, Venusian, and Jovian, which are the most common terms for the hypothetical inhabitants of Mars, Venus, and Jupiter respectively. As for the usage in science fiction as pointed out in the ...

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