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Differing opinions As the question notes, different references have different opinions about the merits of Nigerien versus Nigerois. As Vogel 612 observes, both Wikipedia and the online Oxford Learner's Dictionary endorse Nigerien. In addition, the World Fact Book (1997), the New Oxford American Dictionary (2001), the New Oxford American Dictionary and ...


When I find multiple conflicting usages, I like to see what other people are using. The NGrams data clearly shows a vast preference for Nigerien. A slate.com article which claims to have verified its facts with the Nigerien Embassay in the US says What do you call someone who hails from Niger? Old-schoolers (and, in what an editor there called ...


The English Wikipedia page lists Nigerien (/niːˈʒɛəriən/). Usually the guys over there are good with such stuff so I'd trust them with this one. This is also backed up by the Oxford Learner's Dictionary and Wiktionary.


There isn't a standard. You just have to memorize them. :) On the one hand, you have: Stratford-upon-Avon Stoke-on-Trent On the other, you have: Kingston upon Hull Newcastle upon Tyne In the cases of lesser-known towns, the dashed approach seems to be used far more commonly when the town's name features a preposition, such as the examples below. This ...

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