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'Both drivers' sounds more adequate to me, because 'both the drivers' would most likely include something else as well — e.g. 'both the drivers and the passengers'.


Repeating the article can avoid ambiguity when adjectives get involved. "The black dog and cat" might mean "The black dog and the black cat" or "The black dog and the cat [of any colour]." "The black dog and the cat" clearly associates "black" only with the dog.


No, not really. In your example, "the viscosity and density of water" is perfectly okay, and it means the same as "the viscosity of water and the density of water", but a "the" has not been omitted, nor has "of water" been omitted. Instead, a conjoined noun, "viscosity and density", has been used as the head noun of the noun phrase. There is only one noun ...


Change the constant on Line 1. correct Change the constant on the Line 1. incorrect Change the constant on the line with the if. correct


since it is a line of an algorithm "on line x" is more appropriate.


When people say I met him on the street, they are usually not referring to a specific street. Instead, they mean I met him outside in the city as opposed to I met him at a party or I met him at a friends house. Basically, they are using "the street" to refer to "the city/urban environment" They are (almost always) not referring to an actual street because ...

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