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No, the comma shouldn’t be used before every if, and or but. This mistake is easy to understand. One should not commit an entire people to using superfluous commas, if only for the reason that it continues to provide us with hilarious examples such as this one.


Grammatically, they're correct, but stylistically, they could be improved. If you added "and" or "while" to them, they would still be grammatically correct, and they would also be easier to understand. As SrJoven's comment pointed out, I saw an accident riding my bike, while grammatical, is ambiguous, and you typically want to avoid ambiguous sentences ...


First, I cannot agree that there are two independent clauses here. There is one simple independent clause: "I will arrest him". There is a compound subordinate clause: "the man comes back and I am home". The coordinating conjunction "and" combines two complete clauses. The subordinating conjunction "if" relates the entire compound to the independent ...

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