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First of all, punctuation is a matter of style, and you will find the rules for that style in the style guide that your employer has adopted. Which guide governs your edits, and what does it say? Different guides have different rules, but the good ones will emphasize that fiats must be tempered by the recognition of exceptions and the role of the good ...


Even though, in the beginning, Picasso's work was influenced by other artists, he developed his own style of painting, which consisted of pictures of the poor in various shades of blue. 'In the beginning' is adverbial. 'Then' is not appropriate unless it coordinates with a conditional 'if', or is adverbial (in a separate sentence) to indicate sequence.


I'd advise strongly that you rewrite the sentence. Writing that is engaging uses a wide variety of sentence structures and a rich, varied vocabulary. What makes writing tedious is repetition. It becomes a chore to wade through repetition. One possible fix: Because gas is becoming expensive, automobile manufacturers are producing smaller cars, which ...

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