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Excerpt from the 2015 Churchill biography by Boris Johnson: "The suffragettes [] mercilessly heckled and interrupted his speeches, sometimes by ringing bells as he reached his perorations. Churchill responded with unvarying politeness; and most people now accept that he was a bit hard done by." This excerpt is embedded in BJ's writing, which can be ...


Where children shouted 'Shell out!' instead of 'Trick or treat!' The expression "shell out" in place of "trick or treat" evidently goes further back than even the 1940s, if we may trust the memory of Canadian poet Dorothy Livesay. Livesay was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but moved with her family to Toronto, Ontario, in 1920 when she was either ten or ...


'Shell out Shell out is the Halloween cry' was the chorus of a song taught in school mid-60's.


I'd never heard of this, but it does appear to be a Canadian thing that no longer occurs, where children would shout "Shell out!", where in the USA they would shout "Trick or treat". Presumably the request is that people should shell out some sweets and/or cash. There are very few references, but one from 2007 from Quill and Quire (a Canadian literary ...

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