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According to Grammarist (all the quotes in this answer come from this linked document), ... the subjunctive mood is used to explore conditional or imaginary situations. There are several uses of the subjunctive mood, one of which is: It’s used to make statements of necessity: It’s essential that they be heard … [Alternet] This is of the same ...


The only one that fits grammatically is should. Another idiomatic possibility is to insert no word at all - It is essential that the documents be destroyed immediately. Ought to be, would and had better cannot be qualified by it is essential that... If something ought to be done it ought to be done. It is not gradable and subject to essentiality ...


This is at least partially a matter of style. Your quotes look like a literature review. Check your university or organisation's guidelines. Here's an example (Monash University) advocating the present tense (well. present continuous, but under the heading of present tense): a statement made by you as a writer Example: "Non-standard applications ...


In your question the process of leverage was going on from the past and finish then has been leveraged would be correct.

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