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In some situations, the word "civic" may also be used.


Another option you might use is "citywide": http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/citywide occurring throughout a city; including an entire city: "citywide school board elections." open to including, or affecting all the inhabitants of or groups in a city: "a citywide track meet." http://www.answers.com/Q/What_are_citywide_elections : ...


As other answers have pointed out, 'municipal' certainly works as the adjective in this case. However, 'city' itself can also be used (and, at least in the U.S., is frequently used) as the adjective. For example, all of the following are perfectly normal usages: city government city elections city taxes city services In this case, the word 'city' is ...


My preference would be for "locally"?


Depending on the context urban could be used to, I guess. But seeing the other answers, it's probably not what you wanted ^^


A city, viewed as a governmental and political entity, is called a municipality (see Merriam-Webster), with corresponding adjective municipal and adverb municipally. For example, we often speak of "municipal elections". However, I must say that the sentence "elections are held municipally every two years" does not sound anywhere near as good to me as the ...


"municipal" is the word you're looking for. Elections are held nationally every four years, and municipally every two years. municipal (adj) "of or relating to the government of a city or town" e.g. Both national and municipal elections are held every four years in this country. In some English speaking countries, mainly in the US, the term ...


Pirates to earrings: the successful criminal action resulting in booty. The next step would be relative to getting caught (the comparative analogy being bail). Now when a pirate catches you, he might make you walk the plank, but what did the Royal Navy do to pirates when caught? If it had to be one word, I would say "shipwreck," but that doesn't seem quite ...

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