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A racist believes that one race is inherently superior to others. One who believes that one level or branch of knowledge is inherently superior to another is an elitist or, more informally, a snob (or perhaps an intellectual snob). I am not sure if these terms could be used for disposition, however. Bigot could also be used, but it doesn't have the meaning ...


Power can be measured by depth and breadth; so, a media baron has a small amount of power over a large number of people, but a mayor of a small town has a large amount of power over relatively few people. The former is broad, the latter is deep. Compare that with the equation for certain types of force: F = A rÊ°. A represents the "depth" of the power, ...


Power, outside physics, is not really power. It's a Metaphor; that's not a different meaning, exactly. Rather, it's an extension from an original context to a context outside the original. Political or social power is, essentially, the ability, talent, or habit (or whichever noun you please) of getting other people to do things one wants them to. People who ...


I would say "Potential" or "Force". Both will work in different situations though. Potential: when you say a person has power to do some task (capability) Force: when someone applies power (in physics, one is applying force)


Seems like it would be energy, which represents the amount of work something can do (with no reference to rate).


A metaphor is an implicit simile, while analogy is an explicit one. Put differently, a metaphor is literally false, while an analogy is literally true. Metaphors need a bit more imagination to interpret, while analogies are readily apparent. "My cat is affectionate" is an analogy. You can literally see the cat shows behavior deemed affectionate. The ...

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