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It doesn't sounds like an analogy. Can this count as an analogy? Joe is like a car and its flat tire.


As parallels for your 'flavour' and 'timbre,' for touch tactile adj., tactility n. Critics describe a sculpture that visitors want to stroke as 'tactile.' for smell aromatic adj., aroma n. but 'Quelle est cette odour agréable,...?' in Wiki is translated fragrance. I think sight is too complicated. The picturesque movement now seems dated. Pictorial is ...


Using waken from with view is not necessarily a bad thing. It would coerce the noun view to be taken as a form of slumber or revery. This may be a powerful tool or a clumsy one, depending on how it's handled. Just remember that there are no real "rules" about writing except one: does it work? If it does, use it; if not, don't.


"Male" and "female" refers to the property of belonging to a particular category in a categorization scheme, and/or those categories themselves. "Man" and "woman" refers to an individual with that property, along with several others, most notably being human and being of a certain age and/or state of maturity. If you get hypernyms by removing distinctions, ...

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