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I thought about this for a bit (maybe too long) and started feeling that "as though" seems to work better when addressing a condition. "It looked as though it might rain." And "as if" works better when concrete situations/options/determinations can be considered. "It looked as if the game might be called off due to rain." The difference is subtle, but it ...


No, there isn't, and for very good reason. As John Lawler points out, every meridian is a great circle with the same diameter and circumference1, 2. On the other hand, there is only one parallel that is a great circle: the equator. Every other parallel is not a great circle and therefore smaller than every meridian3. A meridian is defined as passing through ...


SENSATION for touch/feel I can feel this sensation VISION for sight/see The vision was a sight to behold


Lack of a real option is called "Hobson's choice", and is supposedly named after a real person, Thomas Hobson. The term "Hobson's choice" originated in the mid-seventeenth century, after Hobson's death. The poet John Milton made Hobson, and the phrase, well known, by satirising him several times in mock epitaphs

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