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Dialects are everywhere in any language, because the whole of a population is no homogeneous body but an agglomeration of various ethnic groups. Even if there were a homogeneous population varieties would come into being as language has a natural tendency to variety. But there is also the opposite tendency due to printed media to make language uniform. So ...


The dialects of present-day English can be seen as the continuation of the dialect areas which established themselves in the Old English period. The following extract can help: HISTORICAL OUTLINE: The dialectal division of the narrower region of England into: 1) a northern, 2) a central and 3) a (subdivided) southern region has been ...


The replies made so far mentioned that the narrator might be Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, German, French, Swiss, Belgian, Austrian, Russian or Czech. Someone also guessed Eastern Europe. As the poster of this question, I knew where the narrator came from since in the beginning. The narrator is actually me. The reason I didn't want to disclose that ...


Czech Republic? Some type of Russian accent is in his voice.

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