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Possible Duplicate:
Are split infinitives grammatically incorrect, or are they valid constructs?

I'm currently having a bit of a dispute and would appreciate your help please. Which one is more grammatically correct?

  • enables you to quickly and easily identify
  • enables you to identify quickly and easily

And why do you think the one that you've chosen?

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Both are equally grammatical, but also equally nonsensical because identify is missing its object. As soon as the object is added, the first alternative actually becomes preferable.

  • enables you to quickly and easily identify problems

    → perfectly natural

  • enables you to identify quickly and easily problems

    → weird, too much stuff between the verb and its object

(Whoever objects to the first order likely does so because of a made-up rule about "split infinitives", which has nothing to do with the reality of English grammar. See this general question for details.)

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How about "enables you to identify problems quickly and easily"? Sounds most natural to me. – Robusto Jan 11 '13 at 19:54

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