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I am working on a paper for Russian history class that deals with emancipation reform of 1861. Basically reform was accomplished through legislature, made of 17 acts, and each act was made of multiple "laws". What would be the correct term for "laws"?

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I'm not sure this is an English question so much as a legal question since the answer will differ in countries with different legal systems. In the US, the legal code is divided as follows: Titles , subtitles, parts, subparts, chapters, subchapters, sections, subsections, paragraphs, subparagraphs, clauses, subclauses, items, and subitems. –  Mark Beadles Nov 4 '12 at 19:24
Might be almost anything - Chapters, Titles, Provisions, Paragraphs, whatever. I'd look around to see if there's a standard English translation, and use whatever term's used there. Failing that, look up the Russian term in a good Russian-English dictionary. Or ask a lawyer familiar with Russian, English and American legal systems. This is technical jargon—what lawyers call “terms of art”—and translation, and on both counts I think it's Off Topic for us here. –  StoneyB Nov 4 '12 at 19:25