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My level is intermediate or upper-intermediate. I have speaking practice several times per week with native speaker(she is not teacher). I write short essays and my friends help me to check it. I read news/blogs in English almost freely and listen podcasts everyday. And of course I learn words, collocations and idioms. My aim is to find work in an international company(software development).

Maybe it sounds strange, but I dislike that it's unsystematic education.

Amazon gives tons of various books and it's hard to choose something. Does anybody knows some good book or course of books? Thanks.

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Sorry, but we don't do resource requests. However, definitely ask in chat--people there can help you. – simchona Oct 21 '12 at 0:21
Put some works translated from your own language into the mix - not works you already know, but authors or genres you like. It helps overcome the 'distance' of reading in English. – StoneyB Oct 21 '12 at 0:24

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