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I am looking for a 1 (or) 2 syllable word for my website. I need something thats really cool, but is easily understood by everyone.

This is the concept - "People meeting up in predetermined (or) well-defined location in order to buy or sell products or exchange items"

I want a 1 (or) 2 syllable word that highlights these two key points :

  1. People meeting up in a safe location
  2. Sell products

The words that I came up with are - "safemeet" , "meetsale", "safelist", "safedepot" ... Can anyone think of something awesome, may be something thats easily understood, or something that dates back to medieval century "trading" and anything like that ?

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I thought of "hub," so "safehub"? –  JAM Sep 11 '12 at 13:34