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Possible Duplicate:
“between” vs “among”

I have a question which one of these two is the correct sentence:

Find a new job between the posted jobs.


Find a new job among the posted jobs.

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You could use either. Between is normally used with only two options, but it can be used with many. Among can be used with any number (greater than one) of options, although the dictionary suggests three or more.



(4) with reference to a choice or differentiation involving two or more things being considered together: "you have to choose between two or three different options"



(4) indicating a division, choice, or differentiation involving three or more participants:
"the old king called the three princesses to divide his kingdom among them"
"the State Council would elect a temporary president from among its members"

However, because you are using the verb find, it makes more sense to use among because of how between works with find, search, look, and similar verbs. When using verbs that give the impression of looking then between suggests gaps rather than the items themselves.

For example:

What you are looking for is between the islands

This means that what is sought is not on the islands - so in the water.

Your example of

Find a new job between the posted jobs.

gives me the impression that the posted jobs will not hold the job I am looking for, but it will perhaps be on the job board itself, rather than the individual postings.

Given this expectation that between raises, I recommend among over between for your sentence.

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ok, thanks a lot – Derfder Aug 24 '12 at 9:07

I think the latter "Finding a new job among the posted jobs" is the correct sentence.

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