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Is a comma required after accidentally?

I accidentally sent you the wrong number.

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No, it's not even desired. I think the only way I'd put commas in that sentence is to put one both before and after 'accidentally'. But I think it's better without any. – Jim Aug 18 '12 at 2:47
What makes you think so? That may explain the question. Voting to close. – Kris Aug 18 '12 at 8:08

No, you must NOT put a comma here. Fowler's Modern English Usage has this to say.

Separating inseparables, e.g. a verb from its subject or object or complement ... (and several examples follow) ... In the foregoing examples the commas are manifestly wrong.

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In that sentence you should not add a comma after accidentally. The following sentence uses a comma, but that doesn't mean a comma is always used after accidentally.

Accidentally, I gave you the wrong number.

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If the accidental nature of the action needs stressing, the adverb could be set off as a parenthetical, but brackets or more probably dashes would be used:

I - accidentally - sent you the wrong number.

(Italics to mark stress.)

If the statement is a response to a vexed question, the adverb would be best moved to terminal position:

I sent you the wrong number accidentally.

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