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How is the phrasal verb stand by used in a sentence? It should convey the meaning, "to be available and ready to act if needed or called upon".

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Please stand by, I'll answer your question later. – Jim Aug 15 '12 at 8:09
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Couple of examples:

Our team is standing by to help you.


Stand by for this key announcement.

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This is a beautiful example of a phrasal verb! Above when Jim said:

Please stand by and I'll answer your question.

The meaning of the verb has something to do with waiting in an attentive manner. Although the main verb is 'stand' the speaker likely cares very little if the person stands, sits, leans, squats or any other type of positioning. This differs from an example like:

Please stand by the door.

In the second example, the intent is to specify the location of where to do the standing, and in this case standing by the door can not be properly achieved if the person sits or squats. Although both examples have 'stand by' in them, the first is an example of a phrasal verb, but the second is not.

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