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Is there a specific word that describes people who are easily impressed?

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Consider susceptible ("likely to be affected by something", "easily influenced or tricked; credulous" and "(medicine) especially sensitive, especially to a stimulus"); and also consider impressionable ("Susceptible of impression; capable of receiving impressions; emotional"). An "impressionable person" may be someone on whom it's easy to make an impression, or may be someone at a formative stage such that impressions will last. Note, making an impression on someone can differ from impressing them.

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Of the two, impressionable stands out to me. – rsegal Aug 7 '12 at 13:29

Gullible, naive, guileless, ingenuous and unsuspecting might get close, but I doubt if there's any single word that specifically captures the 'easily impressed' sense.

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+1 Gullible carries a connotation of being easily duped, but describes the characteristic equally to impressionable. – Henrik Erlandsson Aug 12 '12 at 23:24

Credulous is not quite right (too easily believe things rather than are impressed by them) but may work depending on what the situation is you are trying to describe.

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I would add indiscriminate and fawning, the second especially for those already familiar with the subject they are impressed by. The is also a sense in which generous applies.

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