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I would like to learn how to reconstruct this sentence to use it at the beginning:

The reason why they chose this way looks weird to me.

I think we could form it as follows, but of course I am not really sure about it:

It looks weird to me the reason why they chose this way.

And, could you please also explain the grammatical approach to form sentences like the above starting with it?

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It seems to me that you want to use "it" as a Dummy Pronoun (like I have in this sentence). However, you are actually using "it" to refer to "the reason".

Furthermore, I would not use "looks" to describe the intangible noun "reason". A suitable replacement might be "seems" or "feels".

A possible reconstruction (with the substitution) could be:

It seems weird to me that they chose this way.


It seems weird to me that they chose this way for the reason that they did.

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First reconstruction is better (+1). The second seems somewhat unwieldy. – Qube Jul 24 '12 at 20:59
@Qube I agree; I think "reason" is already implied whenever you're questioning an action, but I thought it might be helpful to include a possible reconstruction that more closely mirrors the original sentence. Edits or suggested improvements are always welcome :) – Dani Jul 25 '12 at 13:43

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