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I need a word for feather-like. Pinnated doesn't fit, nor fern-like or anything I have thought of. I'd love something to use as in phocine for seal-like.

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How about "plumose"?

It has the same meaning as "feathery."

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Pennaceous is one word common in ornithology for feather-like. You could also use these words derived from plume. (See Free Dictionary.)

  • plumose
  • plumate
  • plumous

One point to note is the latter set of words could be used both for feather-like and feathery, so the usage is inferred from the context. Going by the OED, only plumose stands for feather-like; the rest are for having feathers or feathery.

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Similar to pinnated is pennate, used to refer to the feather-like strands of the bicep, for instance.

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