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What would you call:

  • latex (a type setter)
  • MS Word (a word processor)
  • iWork Pages (a word processor)

What about:

  • latex
  • MS Word
  • iWork Pages
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel

Is there a term for these programs?

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  • LaTeX : While LaTeX can be loosely called a typesetting program/system, it is officially a document preparation system and technically a document markup language based on TeX, which is the actual typesetting program/system/language behind LaTeX. However, you will find TeX and LaTeX used interchangeably in most situations.

  • iWork Pages : This is a word processor or desktop publishing/productivity (DTP) program/software.

  • MS Word : This is indeed a word processor; could also be DTP

  • Powerpoint/Keynote : Presentation software/programs; also desktop productivity tools.

  • Excel : Spreadsheet program/package

Put together, programs in the Office or iWork suite can be generally referred to as office productivity/desktop productivity/desktop publishing programs or tools.

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