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I was wondering if this sentence makes sense, and if it does, is the meaning of visage in this sentence metaphoric?

His confident visage hid insecurity.

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It is correct, although I'd suggest a minor edit along the lines of:

His confident visage hid (or masked) his insecurity (or insecurities).

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I'd probably stick to a continuous form was hiding too, unless the context calls for this use. – SF. Oct 21 '12 at 21:43

Yes, it is an acceptable sentence according to me at least.

Visage is appearance. Appearance is not the truth, it is a mask, a mere skin over something we cannot perceive. The perception of insecurity behind a confident mask is common phenomenon amongst those who consider appearance to be the final word; observe most movie stars and the half-sentient populace who follow them, then you would know this aspect of appearance being supreme to be true.

Cornbread-ninja suggests a minor edit which I think is unnecessary because i) visage or appearance does connote a mask too and ii) 'his' is not required because there is no ambiguity over subject in the sentence fragment provided. If there were other subjects in play within a larger sentence or context then Cornbread-ninja's suggestions would be valid.

Anyway, my first comment around here..please do guide if am missing the spirit of this site!

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The sentence makes perfect sense. Whether visage here is metaphorical kind of depends on how you look at things. This word is borrowed from French; and in French, visage means face. Usually in English it means appearance or bearing, as indeed it does here. So yes, it's absolutely a metaphor. It's rare to find it not as a metaphor.

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