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When should I use one or the other?

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A photo is a picture taken with a camera. A picture is any visual representation of a subject.

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Thank you [...] – under Dec 18 '10 at 22:53
There was a confusion in my mind about the difference in both words.Thank you for making it clear here. – user36146 Jan 21 '13 at 11:04
So, a painting could be a picture as well? Because it may a visual representation of a subject as well. – Vadorequest Aug 27 '15 at 13:34
@Vadorequest: I suppose a painting could be a type of picture, but we don't usually call it that. – Robusto Aug 27 '15 at 13:39
What about the difference between a picture and an image? I don't see any difference anymore. – Vadorequest Aug 27 '15 at 13:54

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