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Are look into and look at interchangeable? If not what are the differences between the two?

I will look at my options and see what I have.

I will look into my options and see what I have.

I will look into it and let you know. Or the government is going to look into the case.

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Look at suggests that you already know what your options are and will review them, whereas look into suggests that you first need to investigate what those options might be.

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In the above mentioned context,

Look into something: investigate, to inquire into

  • Look into a question.
  • The governor asked the police commissioner to look into the case.

Look at something: examine

  • We must look at the question from all sides.
  • Doctor, will you please look at my ankle?
  • Will you please look at the battery of my car?

Usually, "look at" and "look into" are interchangeable. In such cases (of interchangeability) "look into something" suggests a more thorough examination (of something) than "look at something".

In the sentences you have provided, "look at" and "look into" can be interchanged.

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