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There’s a word I’m trying to recall, it means something such as “extra pieces of fabric hanging from clothing.” I believe it ends with -gibles or -gables, and perhaps it starts with im- or ex-, and it’s a noun. I’ve spent the last hour trying to figure it out.

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Are you after a word for extra bits that are added as embellishment? Or pieces that are coming off due to it becoming worn? I'm guessing the former, but never hurts to check.. – tanantish May 12 '12 at 9:31
Haberdasher-it-all! This question does need to be clarified a bit. After all, you could looking for an obscure word meaning very ornate embellishments, like the hoods on graduation gowns, or you could just be looking for the word fringe. Either one qualifies as "extra pieces of fabric hanging from clothing." – J.R. May 12 '12 at 11:07

The closest thing I can think of is fandangle, which describes an embellishment or ornament that is used simply for decoration and has no other purpose.

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I don't deserve any points for answering my own question, let alone a such a vague one. I finally realised the word I was trying to figure out was accoutrements.

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