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I see the word goodies being used widely on the internet, but I can't construe its meaning clearly. Could you explain it thoroughly?

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Goodies can be looked up here. Mostly it's used to refer to food, such as titbits. It could also refer to the "goodies", as in the "good guys" – Bidella Mar 20 '12 at 4:34
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In usage as at bikede.org ("We’ve Got the Goodies! Final Winterfest Recap") and at blogs.esa.int atv ("Got the goodies from ATV. What, no pizza for me? I guess rehydrated macaroni & cheese will have to do...") goodies refers rather generally to "good stuff", as in things fun to have or good to eat.

The usual dictionary definitions of goodies, as for example, "good characters in a story, often a hero too" at wiktionary, or "A candy, chocolate, praline, confection or sweetmeat" at websters-dictionary-online, or "a thing that is very nice to eat" or "anything that is attractive and that people want to have" at oxfordlearnersdictionaries, are largely irrelevant in answer to this question. For that reason, I refer in following to urbandictionary, which is not an authoritative source but in this case is indicative.

The majority of internet pages that mention goodies are likely to use the word as at urbandictionary.com, as either a "slang term describing any one or more of 5 distinct parts of the female anatomy" or as "high grade marijuana, hydro, kush, headies". (For example, it seems to me that The Scabs' Who got the goodies lyrics are using the female anatomy sense.) However, the highest-voted answer on urbandictionary for the meaning of goodies is "whatever you want them to be, like your number, hugs, kisses etc."

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Although the meaning is not explicit in OP's question I surmise that you have picked on the desired context... +1 – Jim Mar 20 '12 at 6:52

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