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I have made an application which is mostly programmed in PHP, but have also used some other languages. Now I want to describe that I have made a program that is "corely" programmed in PHP, but still remember that my application have mostly made on PHP.

Corely is not in dictionary. What should be a word for that?

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You could use predominantly, primarily or principally to say either the largest or most important portion is written in PHP, while quantity alone can be stressed with words like chiefly, mainly, mostly, or largely.

If you want to say the main or most important part of the code is in PHP and peripheral functionality in other languages, you could reword along the lines of

The core of the code is written in PHP.

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Crux might be useful to you:

The basic, central, or essential point or feature.

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Strictly from an experienced programmer's advice, I'll suggest that you go with something like :

My program majorly uses PHP

You should also describe further, for eg: My program is majorly based on PHP and it makes use of HTML for front-end.

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-1: Majorly is barely a "word" at all - it certainly shouldn't be advanced to a non-native speaker as a credible alternative to any of the suggestions put forward by @choster – FumbleFingers Mar 19 '12 at 18:28

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