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I would need to know whether the following is correct:

What should be your best friend like? //what character should your best friend have

What is his strange car for? //question

I do not know what his strange car is for. //the answer with different word order

And one more question - I would like to ask what features your dream car should have. Could I use:
What should be your dream car like? //maybe this is used only for people?

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Your second and third examples are correct, but your first is not. It should be:

What should your best friend be like?

Or, perhaps better:

What would your ideal best friend be like?

In English questions with ordinary verbs, you invert the word order and add do:

I like model trains.
Do you like model trains?

Verbs such as be, should, and can, however, don’t use do:

I am okay.
Are you okay?
I should work on my project.
Should you work on your project? I can help you. Can you help me?

Your sentence just adds what, which doesn’t change the word order from a yes/no question:

What should I do?
What should he be like?
What should your best friend be like?

If you wanted to ask about someone’s dream car, you would use would instead of should. A person is expected to have a best friend, so it makes sense to ask them what qualities a best friend should have. But not every person gets to own their dream car, so in that case it’s better to ask them what it would be like, if they were to own it.

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What should be your best friend like?

Unless you are writing fiction or making a grade school fortune teller out of folded paper, I think you want something to the effect of what is your best friend like? or describe your best friend.

EDIT: In light of your comment, I suggest describe your ideal best friend.

What is his strange car for? / I do not know what his strange car is for.

Not sure what you mean by strange, but there is nothing wrong with the structure of that inquiry or response.

What should be your dream car like?

You are close here. You could say what should your dream car be like? or describe your dream car.

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Thanks! Regarding the first one - its really like more like a question about hypothetical "ideal" best friend. He should be ...Hope I made myself clear now :) – Pietro Mar 8 '12 at 16:04
@Pietro: please see my edit. :) – cornbread ninja 麵包忍者 Mar 8 '12 at 16:14

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