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In a search user interface for an application a whole bunch of settings can be used to create a filter. A button with a label is meant to kick off the processing using the filter defined by multiple key/value pairs.

Is the correct way to label the button Apply Filter (singular) or Apply Filters (plural)?

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Your label could simply say, "Filter" or "Filter Results."

You could conceptualize the different settings as being stages of a multi-element filter, so "Apply Filter" would be appropriate.

(Or, you could apply the settings interactively and dispense with the button altogether.)

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I cant change it to Filter or Filter Results since that would have to go lots of translations and I cant interactively filter since it is a mobile app and the cost of loading it is too high. So in your opionion "Apply Filters" is incorrect right? – Manfred Moser Jan 26 '12 at 21:02
"Apply Filters" is not incorrect; it's just not necessary if you think of the different settings as being part of an overall filter. And it might be easier to translate than "Apply Filter(s)" – Gnawme Jan 26 '12 at 21:10

You might benefit from taking a look at Microsoft's user experience guidelines for applications, which has a thorough discussion of text, including capitalization. [link]

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