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I'm wondering how to pronounce the acronym for Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

PIP eh duh? pie PEED uh? other?

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Rhymes with cicada. – tchrist Jan 20 '12 at 22:52
EL&U is more a place for asking questions that require the expertise of a linguist, etymologist, or serious language enthusiast – phonetics questions such as why we pronounce a word a particular way, or how a pronunciation rule developed. "How to pronounce this word" questions usually won't require expertise. They are also liable to be closed as "general reference" if the word is in a dictionary, or as "too localized" if not in a dictionary. english.stackexchange.com/faq – MετάEd Jan 23 '12 at 23:04
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You can pronounce it either pip-EE-duh (University of Guelph) or PIP-eh-duh (Andrew D. Taylor, CGA). Not all acronyms have set-in-stone pronunciations.

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The University of Guelph informs that PIPEDA is pronounced as /pip'ee-da/

Please check The University of Guelph’s web site

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