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What is the word for "feeling of being victimized"?

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Can you give some context? A sentence and situation in which the word you looking for would occur? – Mitch Jan 17 '12 at 17:37
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You are asking for "the word" for the feeling of being victimized. But feelings (emotional reactions) vary according to how the victimized person perceives the situation. Consequently, there will be many such words.

For example, "Emotion Annotation and Representation Language" is a list of 48 emotions categorized by situation. If the person perceives himself to be out of control of the situation, it offers:

Anxiety Embarrassment Fear Helplessness Powerlessness Worry

If the person believes there is something he can do to control the situation, it offers:

Anger Annoyance Contempt Disgust Irritation

And if the person has generalized negative thoughts about the situation, it offers:

Doubt Envy Frustration Guilt Shame

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There are a lot of words you can use:

  • Victimised
  • Trodden On
  • Exploited
  • Ill-used
  • Taken Advantage of


I felt I was being victimised.

I felt I was getting trodden on.

I felt I was being exploited.

I felt I was being ill-used.

I felt he was taking undue advantage of me.

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Those are all adjectives. OP is asking for nouns – Bohemian Jan 16 '12 at 11:59


  • vulnerability
  • persecution
  • oppression
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According to http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/victimology

However that appears to be a less common usage. It's also used to describe the study of victims of crime.

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There are many words to use, but the usage depends on the context. I can suggest


as umbrella term so you can use to explain what you feel e.g:

I feel victimized.

As a result of victimization you may feel "frustrated", "exploited", "cheated" e.t.c.

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You feel exploited when you are victimized.

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