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It probably is correct since the article is from Bloomberg.com website. However, I am not sure what it really means and why it's correct

Mark Twain once quipped that “everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” Many analysts would have us view the dramatic increase in inequality with a similar spirit -- as a natural condition that we should accept without complaint. We should be skeptical of this view -- and not just because it’s obsolete even with regard to the weather.

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Yes, the phrase "would have us view" is correct. It occurs frequently in the general form, where "view" is substituted by any appropriate verb. I have encountered the term most recently in the form of

The media would have us believe there was a mysterious launch.

In the context of the quoted article, what the author wants to convey is that many analysts want to make us see the dramatic increase in inequality in a similar light to Twain's quip. They want us to believe that the rise is comparable to the uncertainty of the weather - everyone complains about both, but no one does anything about either of them.

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