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Someone promised me a resource and I haven't received it yet. I am tired of waiting so I would like to remind this person that he/she promised me something and ask about the situation.

My question is how can I ask about it in a polite kind of way? Can I ask:

What is the situation on this resource?

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This seems to be more a question of manners than of English, and it may be closed accordingly. A perfectly polite query would be something along the lines of Can you provide me with an update regarding the status of [insert resource name]? – onomatomaniak Jan 13 '12 at 15:29
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I'll take this as a word choice question: are the words you chose consistent with your intent to ask politely? Yes. There is nothing impolite about the words you chose, even interpreted very broadly. For example, the question does not blame the person or express impatience.

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